We are creating a dance platform for amateurs, professionals and schools to expand the passion we share. Our aim is to empower people to dance anytime and anywhere. We have a lot of ideas to build this online dance school, and we are already working in some of them. But this is being built for you and would be great to hear your own ideas, your needs, your worries and your... everything. Please, contact us with your suggestions and (constructive) complaints. DanceWeb School is not perfect at this moment, but could someday be with your help. Yo can use DanceWeb School for free, and the main service will always be free of charge. To be always free is a promise we will mantain forever, capisci? So you will pay with love, paraphrasing Jessie J... Is not about the money, we don´t need the money, we just wanna make the world dance, forget about the price tag.

Our mission

We want to enforce people to dance their own way, as a complement of their academic or professional activity, or just for fun or even to explore the dance world. Our mission is to help the world dance with no matter of time, gender, money, religion, clothing, race, the company, etnic group, likes, place... Moving the body is the only thing that matters. Being happy.

Our vision

To create a community of PEOPLE unite by a passion: dancing. People dancing better every new day, the way they like, anytime and anywhere. We want to meet people who dance like nobody´s watching... and people who love being watched while dancing.


DanceWeb School wants to be the online reference in dance world. No matter level and style. But we want to do it complying with our values, which we follow, respect and promote:

Is DanceWeb School for me?

If you like to dance or you wanna try, probably YES. No matter if you don´t have much time. If you don´t have a proper place to train. It doesn´t matter if you don´t have a clue or if you are a professional ballerina. If you like kizomba or breakdance. You can experience DanceWeb School with NO logging, NO data share, NO credit card or money, NO anything: the platform will be available to anybody with internet connection. So... Do you want to improve that windmill that you can´t do right now? Do you want to know what the hell is twerking or any other trendy dance? Are you searching for inspiration for your funky classes? Would you love to meet other dancers like you? Or better? Or worse? Do you want to give a try to styles you don´t usually dance? Well, DanceWeb School is for you. It doesn´t matter if you live in central London or you are the last teen in a small town of Castille. You can share your passion with your dance teacher and your shy friend who never hits the dancefloor in the club. You probably have a special talent but you don´t have money to take dance lessons or maybe you are somebody who feel that 3 hours a week in the studio are not enough. Do you want to exercise but get bored in the gym? Do you need an extra positiveness dose after 8 hours in the office? DanceWeb Shool is for you. Forget your excuses: You just need dance mood to start dancing. That´s more than enough.